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Tertiary Lues


The tertiary stage in syphilis develops approximately 3 - 5 years after infection. Skin lesions may present as tuberous syphilids, grouped red-brown arciform papules which later show central regression with atrophy and peripheral progression, resulting in tuberoserpiginous syphilids. Gummata, livid-red or brown-red nodules which eventually ulcerate, may occur in the subcutis, muscles, periosteum or even in the bones. They may be localized on the forehead, scalp, lips, tongue, genitals or any part of the body. They heal with smooth scars after extensive tissue destruction. Certain internal organs such as the eyes, heart, liver, lungs or brain may also be affected in tertiary syphilis.


Tertiary Lues, Lues III, Syphilis III, Tertiary Syphilis


Late syphilis, Late syphilis, NOS, Late tertiary syphilis, Syphilis, late, Syphilis, tertiary, Tertiary syphilis


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diagnosis: Tertiary Lues diagnosis: Tertiary Lues