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Erythema Induratum Bazin


A type of panniculitis characterized histologically by the presence of granulomas, vasculitis, and necrosis. It is traditionally considered to be the tuberculous counterpart of nodular vasculitis, but is now known to occur without tuberculous precedent. It is seen most commonly in adolescent and menopausal women, is initiated or exacerbated by cold weather, and typically presents as one or more recurrent erythrocyanotic nodules or plaques on the calves. The nodules may progress to form indurations, ulcerations, and scars.


Erythema Induratum Bazin, Tuberculosis Cutis Indurativa


Bazin Disease, Bazins Disease, Bazin's Disease, Disease, Bazin, Disease, Bazin's, Erythema Induratum, Erythema, induratum, Gumma, scrofulous, GUMMA, TUBERCULOUS, SCROFULOUS GUMMA, Tuberculosis Cutis Indurativa, TUBERCULOSIS, CUTIS COLLIQUATIVA, Tuberculous Bazin's disease, Tuberculous erythema induratum, Tuberculous gumma