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Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum


Generalized disease of connective tissue involving the skin, eyes, and cardiovascular system and resulting from fragmentation and calcification of elastic fibers. Usually presenting after puberty, the characteristic manifestations are small, circumscribed yellowish patches located on the neck, in the axillae or in the inguinal folds. Angioid streaks in the retina, a tendency towards haemorrhage and arterial insufficiency are the most common complications. This disease may be inherited in an autosomal recessive or dominant fashion.


Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum, Elastorrhexis Generalisata et Systemica, Grönblad-Strandberg Syndrome


ELASTORRHEXIS, SYSTEMIC, OF TOURAINE, ELASTOSIS DYSTROPHICA SYNDROME, Nevus elasticus, Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum, Systematised elastorrhexis, Systematized elastorrhexis