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Grover's Disease


Grover's disease is a rare temporary skin disorder that consists of small, firm, raised red lesions on the skin. Under a microscope one finds separation of closely connected cells in the skin's outer layers (acantholysis) that can be identified by a dermatologist. Small blisters containing a watery liquid are present. These blisters tend to group and have a swollen red border around them. Grover's disease is mainly seen in males over the age of fourty. It's cause is unknown but it is thought to be related to trauma to sun damaged skin. (NORD/G. Eysenbach)


Grover's Disease, Transient Acantolytic Dermatosis, Papular Acantholysis


Grover's disease, Transient acanth dermatosis, Transient acantholytic dermatosis


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localisation: neck, decolleté, diagnosis: Grover's Disease diagnosis: Grover's Disease