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Pseudo-Lymphoma (other types)


A group of disorders having a benign course but exhibiting clinical and histological features suggestive of malignant lymphoma. Pseudolymphoma is characterized by a benign infiltration of lymphoid cells or histiocytes which microscopically resembles a malignant lymphoma. (From Dorland, 28th ed & Stedman, 26th ed)


Pseudo-Lymphoma (other types)


Hyperplasia, Reactive Lymphoid, Hyperplasias, Reactive Lymphoid, Lymphocytoma, Lymphocytomas, Lymphoid Hyperplasia, Reactive, Lymphoid Hyperplasias, Reactive, LYMPHOMA LIKE REACTION, LYMPHOMA-LIKE REACTION, Pseudolymphoma, Pseudolymphoma, NOS, Pseudolymphomas, REACTION LYMPHOMA-LIKE, Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasias


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diagnosis: Pseudo-Lymphoma (other types)