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Candida Intertrigo


Candida infection affecting the skin folds often complicates an intertrigo, especially in obese or immunodeficient individuals or in diabetics. It is characterized by non-indurated erythematous areas with fringed, irregular, scaly edges and subcorneal pustules that rupture, resulting in tiny erosions. Papular or pustular satellite lesions are classical. Soreness and itching may be intense.


Candida Intertrigo


Cand infect flexural skin, Candida infection of flexural skin, Candida intertrigo, Candidal intertrigo, Candidal, intertrigo, Candidosis of finger web, Erosio interdig blastomycetica, Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica, Flexural candidosis, Interdigital moniliasis, Moniliasis, interdigital


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diagnosis: Candida Intertrigo