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Stevens-Johnson Syndrom


A variant of bullous erythema multiforme usually preceded by a respiratory illness followed after 1-14 days by severe erosions of at least two mucosal surfaces with extensive necrosis of the lips and mouth and a purulent conjunctivitis. Clinical findings range from mild skin and mucous membrane involvement to a severe systemic disorder. Ocular symptoms include ulcerative conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, uveitis, and sometimes blindness. Stevens-Johnson syndrome may present with mucosal lesions only or both mucosal and skin lesions. Among the precipitating factors are drugs (NSAIDs, sulphonamides, penicillins) but also infectious agents as mycoplasma pneumoniae, yersinia or other viruses and bacteria.


Stevens-Johnson Syndrom, Erythema exsudativum multiforme, Major Typ, Stevens-Johnson-Fuchs-Syndrom, Syndroma muco-cutaneo-oculare Fuchs, Fiessinger-Rendu-Syndrom, Ectodermose erosive pluriorificielle




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Lokalisation: Konjunktiva, Augenwinkel, Diagnose: Stevens-Johnson Syndrom Lokalisation: Glans Penis (Eichel), Diagnose: Stevens-Johnson Syndrom Lokalisation: Lippen (Haut), Augen, Diagnose: Stevens-Johnson Syndrom Lokalisation: Lippen (Haut), Diagnose: Stevens-Johnson Syndrom Lokalisation: Augen, Schleimhäute (oral, nasal), Diagnose: Stevens-Johnson Syndrom