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Disorder due to excessive secretion of pituitary growth hormone, the usual cause being a benign adenoma or hyperplasia of the adenohypophysis. It is characterized by hypertrophy of skin and subcutaneous tissues, bone growth of acral parts of the body and increase of the mass of internal organs. Prognathism, widely spaced teeth, a large and furrowed tongue, large ears and elongated fingers are characteristic findings. Additional findings may include hirsutism in females, hypothyroidism and diabetes. Hypogonadism is frequent.




Acromegalia, Acromegalies, Acromegaly, Anterior pituitary adenoma syndrome, Eosinophilic adenoma syndrome, Growth hormone hypersecretion syndrome, Marie disease, Marie syndrome, Marie's syndrome, Marie's, syndrome, STH hypersecretion syndrome, Syndrome, Marie's


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