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Cutis Laxa


The term ‘cutis laxa’ describes a group of connective tissue disorders characterized by loose, inelastic skin which is pendulous and hangs in folds, giving a prematurely aged appearance. Decreased elastic tissue formation as well as an abnormality in elastin formation have been described in affected persons. In most cases, cutis laxa is inherited. One autosomal dominant and two autosomal recessive forms have been described, but acquired forms also occur.


Cutis Laxa, Dermatochalasis, Limp Skin


Chalazoderma, Chalazodermia, Cutis Laxa, Cutis laxa, NOS, Cutis, laxa, Dermatochalasia, Dermatochalasis, Dermatolyses, Dermatolysis, Dermatolysis, NOS, Dermatomegaly, Generalised dermatochalasis, Generalised elastolysis, Generalised elastorrhexis, Generalized dermatochalasia, Generalized dermatochalasis, Generalized elastolysis, Generalized elastorrhexis, Primary elastolysis


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