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Follicular Pyoderma


Infection of the follicular ostium with Staph. aureus leading to follicular yellow pustules, sometimes with a narrow, red areola. The lesions mainly involve the face, scalp, and limbs. They may follow mild trauma, such as shaving, insect bites, or scratches.


Follicular Pyoderma, Impetigo Bockhart, Ostiofolliculitis (Bockhart), Bockhart Impetigo


Bockhart impetigo, Bockhart's impetigo, Impetigo of Bockhart, Impetigo, Bockhart's, Perifolliculitis, superficial pustular, Staph aureus superfic follicul, Staphylococcus aureus superficial folliculitis, Superficial pustular perifolliculitis


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localisation: lower leg, diagnosis: Follicular Pyoderma