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Colitis Ulcerosa


Inflammatory disease of unknown cause which involves the mucosa of the colon. Onset may be acute and fulminant, and its course often continues chronically in an intermittent or continuous form. Diarrhoea is a common symptom and bleeding an almost constant concomitant symptom.


Colitis Ulcerosa, Ulcerative Colitis


Colitides, Ulcerative, COLITIS ULCERATIVE, Colitis, Ulcerative, Hemorrhagic Proctocolitides, Hemorrhagic Proctocolitis, Hemorrhagic Rectocolitides, Hemorrhagic Rectocolitis, INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE ULCERATIVE COLITIS, Proctocolitides, Hemorrhagic, Proctocolitides, Ulcerative, Proctocolitis, Hemorrhagic, Proctocolitis, Ulcerative, Rectocolitides, Hemorrhagic, Rectocolitides, Ulcerative, Rectocolitis, Hemorrhagic, Rectocolitis, Ulcerative, UC - Ulcerative colitis, Ulcerative Colitides, Ulcerative colitis, Ulcerative colitis, unspecified, Ulcerative Proctocolitides, Ulcerative Proctocolitis, Ulcerative Rectocolitides, Ulcerative Rectocolitis


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