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Glomus Tumour


Rare hamartomas of the dermal glomus body presenting as blue-red, extremely tender papules and nodules, most often found in the distal portion of fingers and nails, especially beneath the nails. They may also occur in the stomach and nasal cavity. Glomus tumours are composed of specialized pericytes (glomus cells), blood vessels and smooth muscle cells, involving a glomeriform arteriovenous anastomosis (glomus body). Multiple glomus tumours are less common. An autosomal dominant inheritance has been described. Multiple glomus tumours can be confused with the blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome.


Glomus Tumour, Glomangioma, Angiomyoneuroma


Glomus Tumor, Glomus Tumors, Tumor, Glomus, Tumors, Glomus


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