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Candidosis, Genital/Perigenital


Genital/ perigenital infection caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans or occasionally by other species of Candida. Vulvovaginitis due to Candida presents with an erythema of the vaginal mucous membrane and the vulval skin, itching, soreness, and with a thick, creamy-white discharge. There may be spread on to the perineum and into the groins. In Candida balanitis, tiny papules develop on the glans penis, evolve as white pustules or vesicles and rupture, leaving a peeling edge. Involvement of groins sometimes coexists. Perianal candidiasis presents with erythema, soreness and irritation, and subsequent spread along the natal cleft is common.


Candidosis, Genital/Perigenital, Kolpitis Candidomycetica, Vulvitis Candidomycetica