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Striae Distensae


Linear, atrophic bands which form in areas of dermal damage produced by stretching of the skin. They occur most frequently in women during puberty and pregnancy. Striae may also be induced by local or systemic steroid therapy, endogenous corticosteroids as in M. Cushing, and rapid weight gain or weight loss. Commonly affected sites include the thighs, buttocks and breast in girls, and the outer thighs and lumbosacral area in boys. The earliest lesion may be raised and red, but subsequently becomes white and flat.


Striae Distensae, Pregnancy Striae, Striae Atrophicae


Atrophy, linear, Lineae albicantes, Lineae atrophicae, Linear atrophy, Mark, stretch, Physiological striae, Stretch marks, STRIAE ATROPHIC, Striae atrophicae, Striae atrophicae NOS, Striae distensae, STRIAE PURPLE


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