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Lymphomatoid Papulosis


Clinically benign, histologically malignant, recurrent cutaneous eruption characterized by an infiltration of large atypical cells surrounded by inflammatory cells. The atypical cells resemble Reed-Sternberg cells of Hodgkin's disease or the malignant cells of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. In some cases, lymphomatoid papulosis progresses to lymphomatous conditions including mycosis fungoides, Hodgkin's disease, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, or Ki-1 lymphoma.


Lymphomatoid Papulosis, T-Cell Pseudolymphoma


Lymphomatoid Papuloses, Lymphomatoid Papulosis, Papuloses, Lymphomatoid, Papulosis, Lymphomatoid


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diagnosis: Lymphomatoid Papulosis diagnosis: Lymphomatoid Papulosis diagnosis: Lymphomatoid Papulosis