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Leukoedema, Oral


Leukoedema, a grayish-white lesion of the oral mucosa in humans, was once thought to be a probable precursor to leukoplakia. Clinical examination differentiates leukoedema from leukoplakia, lichen planus, white sponge naevus, and pathomimia morsicatio buccarum. Prevalence rates vary greatly in different countries and in different ethnic groups. For many years, leukoedema was alleged to occur only in adult populations until Martin and Crump found this lesion in children and youth. There is a definite predilection for this lesion in black Americans. Although the etiology is unknown, it has been suggested that leukoedema develops in areas of local irritation. (Martin JL, J Natl Med Assoc 1992 Nov;84(11):938-940)


Leukoedema, Oral


Leukoedema, Oral, Leukoedemas, Oral, Oral Leukoedema, Oral Leukoedemas