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Rapidly evolving tumour of the skin which develops from a hair follicle and shows histological similarity to squamous cell carcinoma but resolves spontaneously if untreated. A hard round papule develops on normal skin, enlarges rapidly and becomes centrally keratinized. The centre contains a horny plug or is covered by a crust which conceals a keratin-filled crater. The tumour occurs in solitary, multiple, and eruptive forms. The solitary and multiple forms occur on sunlight exposed areas and are identical histologically; they affect primarily white males. The eruptive form usually involves both sexes and appears as a generalized papular eruption.


Keratoacanthoma, Molluscum Pseudocarcinomatosum, Molluscum Sebaceum


Keratoacanthoma, Keratoacanthoma, NOS, Keratoacanthomas, Molluscum sebaceum


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