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Junctional Nevus


Benign melanocytic nevi are benign proliferations of melanocytes. They may be present from birth or may develop during the course of life. The present as patchy, papular or papillomatous skin lesions of variably intense pigmentation with histologically demonstrable aggregates of nevus cells in the epidermis, dermis, or both. The proliferation occurs initially within the epidermis at the dermoepidermal junction, and therefore early melanocytic nevi are known as as junctional nevi. Subsequently the nevus cells "drop down" into the dermis. When the nevus cells are exclusively within the dermis they are known as dermal cellular nevi and at the time when there are junctional and dermal elements they are called compound nevi.


Junctional Nevus, Nevus, Junctional


Intraepidermal naevus, Intraepidermal nevus, Junction naevus, Junction nevus, Junctional melanocytic naevus, Junctional melanocytic nevus, Junctional melanocytoma, Junctional naevus, Junctional nevus, Junctional nevus, NOS


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