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Phototoxic reaction due to contact with plants. Photosensitising substances - usually furocoumarins from hemlock, goose-foot, butter cup, fig trees - in combination with the UVA of sunlight, provoke an acute dermatitis. Striated or erythematobullous lesions of bizarre configuration present at sites of contact. The subsequent hyperpigmentation often persists for weeks or months.


Phytophotodermatitis, Dermatitis Bullosa Pratensis, Meadow Dermatitis, Dermatitis Bullosa et Striata Pratensis


Dermatitis bullosa et striata, Dermatitis bullosa et striata pratensis, Dermatitis, meadow, Meadow dermatitis, Phytophotodermatitis, Phytophotodermatitis, NOS, Plant photodermatitis


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localisation: chest, abdomen, diagnosis: Phytophotodermatitis localisation: lower arms, diagnosis: Phytophotodermatitis localisation: neck, diagnosis: Phytophotodermatitis localisation: wrists, diagnosis: Phytophotodermatitis localisation: around the eyes, diagnosis: Phytophotodermatitis diagnosis: Phototoxic Contact Dermatitis diagnosis: Phototoxic Contact Dermatitis