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Measles is classified as morbillivirus of the family Paramyxoviridae. The highly contagious infectious disease presents with an erythematous macular-papular eruption (morbilliform rash) approximately 14 days after exposure. The typical prodrome includes fever, conjunctivitis and the appearance of Koplik spots on the buccal mucosa. This disease is common among children but also seen in the nonimmune of any age. The virus enters the respiratory tract via droplet nuclei and multiplies in the epithelial cells, spreading throughout the system.


Measles, Morbilli


Measles, MEASLES UNCOMPLICATED, Measles without mention of complication, Morbilli, Rubeola, RUBEOLLA


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localisation: mucous membranes (oral, nasal), diagnosis: Measles localisation: shoulder region, diagnosis: Measles localisation: face, diagnosis: Measles diagnosis: Measles diagnosis: Measles diagnosis: Measles localisation: back of the hands, diagnosis: Measles