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Subtoxisch-kumulatives Kontaktekzem


Dermatitis developing as a result of repeated exposure to chemical irritants, a variety of harmful physical factors such as friction, microtrauma, low humidity, heat, cold, solvents and degreasing agents such as soap and detergents. Clinical features range from a little dryness, redness or chapping to inflammatory erythema and infiltration with scaling. Vesicles, crusts or secondary tendency to lichenification may also occur.


Subtoxisch-kumulatives Kontaktekzem, Handekzem, subtoxisch-kumulativ, Toxisch-degeneratives Handekzem, Chronisch toxisches Ekzem, Kontaktekzem, subtoxisch-kumulativ


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Diagnose: Subtoxisch-kumulatives Kontaktekzem