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Miliaria Rubra


Most frequently seen clinical form of miliaria, a common dermatosis caused by sweat retention and characterized by a vesicular eruption secondary to prolonged exposure to perspiration, with subsequent maceration and obstruction of the eccrine ducts. Lesions of miliaria rubra have a predilection for the covered parts of the skin, are characterized by pruritic small papules, vesicles, or papulovesicles surrounded by erythema and are always extrafollicular.


Miliaria Rubra, Red Dog, Lichen Tropicus, Prickley Heat


Heat rash, Heat, prickly, Heat, rash, Miliaria Rubra, Miliaria tropicalis, Prickly Heat, Prickly heat NOS, Rash, heat, Sweat rash


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localisation: neck, diagnosis: Miliaria Rubra