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Verrucae Planae Juveniles


Intraepidermal tumours caused by infection with the papilloma virus of the papova group, plane warts being mainly caused by HPV 3 and 10. They usually present as smooth, skin-coloured to greyish-yellow or brown, slightly elevated papules with a round or polygonal base, varying in size from 1 to 5 mm or more in diameter. The face, the backs of the hands and the shins are the sites of predilection and the lesions vary from only a few to many hundreds in number. They are spread by direct or indirect contact and generally occur during childhood and adolescence, but may be seen in patients of all ages.


Verrucae Planae Juveniles, Plane Warts


Verruca plana


4 images found for this diagnose localisation: face, diagnosis: Verrucae Planae Juveniles localisation: upper lip, diagnosis: Verrucae Planae Juveniles diagnosis: Verrucae Planae Juveniles diagnosis: Verrucae Planae Juveniles