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Pityriasis Rosea


Acute benign self- limiting scaly papular skin eruption of unknown aetiology. The mild exanthematous inflammatory disease is characterized by the presence of salmon-coloured maculopapular lesions. The most striking feature is the arrangement of the lesions such that the long axis is parallel to the lines of cleavage. The eruption is usually generalized, affecting chiefly the trunk, and the course is often self-limited.


Pityriasis Rosea


Pityriasis circinata et maculata, Pityriasis Rosea, Pityriasis, rosea, PR - Pityriasis rosea


4 images found for this diagnose localisation: trunk, diagnosis: Pityriasis Rosea localisation: upper leg, diagnosis: Pityriasis Rosea localisation: neck, diagnosis: Pityriasis Rosea localisation: lower abdomen, diagnosis: Pityriasis Rosea