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Pemphigus Vegetans


Rare variant of pemphigus vulgaris, a chronic vesiculobullous disease characterized by flaccid intraepidermal bullae and persistent erosions. Pemphigus vegetans starts at an earlier age, there is predominance of facial and intertriginous lesions, and denuded areas heal with hypertrophic verrucoid granulations. Two types exist: The more common Neumann type and the Hallopeau type, that features pustules as the predominant primary skin lesions rather than bullae.


Pemphigus Vegetans


Dermatitis vegetans, Pemphigus vegetans, Pyoderma vegetans, Pyoderma, vegetans, Pyodermia, vegetans


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localisation: face, diagnosis: Pemphigus Vegetans localisation: mouth (skin), diagnosis: Pemphigus Vegetans