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Raynaud's Syndrome, Progressive Systemic Scleroderma

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diagnosislocalizationlesionsadditional descriptions
Raynaud's Syndromefingererythema 
Raynaud's Syndromefingeredema 
Raynaud's Syndromedigital proximal interphalangeal joint paleness
Raynaud's Syndromeproximal nail fold of the finger purpura*
Progressive Systemic Sclerodermafingererythema 
Progressive Systemic Sclerodermafingeredema 
Progressive Systemic Sclerodermadigital proximal interphalangeal joint paleness
Progressive Systemic Sclerodermaproximal nail fold of the finger purpura*

patient information

  • patient sex: female female
  • patient age: 58
  • patient race: caucasian