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Purpura, Eczematid-like (Doucas-Kapetanakis)


Lymphocytic capillaritis of unknown aetiology. Lesions consisting of erythematous and purpuric macules which coalesce usually begin around the ankles and spread to involve the whole legs, and sometimes the trunk and upper extremities. The lesions are extremely pruritic and occasionally lichenified. An almost identical picture occurs with cabromal sensitivity, and occasionally other drugs, e.g. meprobamate, carbamazepine and perhaps even certain foods. This disorder is distinguished from Schamberg's disease by extreme pruritus, although the borderline between these two is ill-defined and perhaps unnecessary.


Purpura, Eczematid-like (Doucas-Kapetanakis), Itching Purpura, Disseminated Pruriginous Angiodermatitis


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localisation: legs, diagnosis: Purpura, Eczematid-like (Doucas-Kapetanakis)