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Lentigo Maligna


Slowly growing premalignant disease due to proliferation of atypical melanocytes within the epidermis, which can progress to lentigo maligna melanoma. Patients are usually in their sixth or seventh decade. The typical lesion is a brown-black macula arising on chronically sun-exposed parts of the body, mainly on the face. Usually, the margin is indefinite. Changes to deep-black colour and elevation or slight infiltration suggest lentigo maligna melanoma.


Lentigo Maligna, Melanosis Circumscripta Praecancerosa Dubreuilh, Melanotic Praecancerosis


Freckle, Hutchinson's Melanotic, Hutchinson Melanotic Freckle, Hutchinsons Melanotic Freckle, Hutchinson's Melanotic Freckle, Hutchinson's melanotic freckle, NOS, Lentigo Maligna, Lentigo, Malignant, Lentigos, Malignant, Malignant Lentigo, Malignant Lentigos, Melanotic Freckle, Hutchinson's