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Superficial Spreading Melanoma (SSM)


Most frequently observed melanoma appearing mainly in middle age, but nowadays increasingly observed in young adults. It has a relatively long phase of radial growth before penetrating deeper into the dermis and assuming the vertical growth phase. Lesions are characterized by flattened plaques with marked colour variation. Deep shades of brown and black may be mixed with red or violet hues. Partial regression may cause pigment loss resulting in whitish grey areas. The margins are often irregular. Bleeding or serous ooze from the lesion may occur.


Superficial Spreading Melanoma (SSM), Pagetoid Melanoma, Melanoma, Superficial Spreading, Melanoma, Superficial Spreading Malignant


malignant melanoma, superficial spreading, melanoma, superficial spreading malignant, superficial spreading malignant melanoma


2 images found for this diagnose localisation: [n/a], diagnosis: Superficial Spreading Melanoma (SSM) localisation: [n/a], diagnosis: Superficial Spreading Melanoma (SSM)