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Gonococcal Infection, Bacteriaemic Form


Disseminated gonococcal infection that occurs in about 1-3 per cent of cases and may cause polyarthralgia, fever, chills, and skin lesions. The latter usually appear as small erythematous or haemorrhagic papules, petechiae, or vesiculopustules on a haemorrhagic and, at times, necrotic base.They heal spontaneously after a few days. In the rare septicaemic forms the patient is gravely ill, with high fever, and meningitis or endocarditis may occur.


Gonococcal Infection, Bacteriaemic Form, Gonococcal Septicemia Affecting Skin


GC, arthritis-dermatitis synd, Gonococ septic affecting skin, Gonococcal arthritis dermatitis syndrome, Gonococcal septicaemia affecting skin, Gonococcal septicemia affecting skin